About us

The project has been set up to fund the creation of a unique cartographic and bookinistic collection which represents formation modern Lithuanian. The collection will be a granted to the library of Vilnius University.

The offered maps are only originals. They come from reputable sources – maps were once part of collections and now are presented for your attention.

Our website is the only specialised shop of antique maps in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia).


  • Do you offer only authentic/originals maps ?

We sell only ORIGINALS (no copies, facsimiles, etc.) Most of the maps already have authenticity documents issued by accredited experts of the Republic of Lithuania/the European Union. Such document for any other map can be arranged after request of buyer.

  • How much do the photos of your maps correspond to reality ?

The photographs we provide are only of the maps we have. The photos were not retouched to improve the impression. However, one must have in mind that the photos were taken using non-professional equipment; these are not scanned images used in museums, so the maps are much more impressive in reality. Also you should not forget that a proper framing reveals the true beauty of the map, as well as of any other graphic work.

  • How to purchase a map ?

This website is not an e-shop, but you can purchase a map without a direct contact. Yet we recommend buying maps after you have seen them if you can meet us in Vilnius. On our website you can reserve a map for 48 hours or according to individual agreement. The website has the right to cancel or extend reservation without any separate notification.

  • How can a company purchase your map ?

Companies can purchase a map by a purchase-sale agreement. At least Lithuanian companies can offset such expenditures to company’s representative expenses (purchasing for personal needs, e.g. office decoration or gifts, e.g. for a partner or a client).

  • How to store maps ?

Maps are usually framed to protect them from environmental impact and strengthen the aesthetics. It is important to know that light, humidity and other factors play an important role in such case. If required, we always consult our clients on how to maintain old valuable maps. We also can recommend framing specialists who have experience in object framing, work quickly and flexibly, and offer a good price/quality ratio.

  • Can I find all your maps on the website ?

Not all available maps are presented on the website because several reasons. If you cannot find the map you want, tell us about your interest and we will help.

  • What does it mean stated size of maps ?

Stated size of maps means dimensions of engraving plate, what are widely recognized as the best option to measure maps or other prints. In most cases this size is 1-2 inches larger than the graphics of map. And that usually significantly lower than size whole sheet of print.

  • Are you interested in purchasing old maps and books ?

Yes, we are interested in purchasing antique maps and books. Please send your offer to info@senizemelapiai.lt A photo of the item will guarantee a quicker response.